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Sunday RP, 10AM server-time, Laurelin

finnehas / Jul 18, 2017
Suilad, mellyn! Our RP arc has brought us to Barad Morlas in Eregion and paused there for summer as players have scattered for holidays. Mordor is likely to keep higher levels and returning veterans busy through August, too.

Such are the seasons, even in Middle Earth, but it is still a great time for new participants to join in or for old players to return or keep levelling your character. Why?

Because we have been checking out ideas for future Sunday RP, and there are many exciting, lore-rich regions to explore from here:
1. Moria and the Golden Wood, then south along the Great River. Alternatively,
2. south from Eregion, through Enedwaith, drawn by rumours of ill dealings at Isengard.
3. Tell us your idea.

All races are welcome — much of the RP will take place in non-elven regions. To enter Moria, your character will need to complete Epic Quest Vol II Book 1 (obtainable from level 45 onwards) from the quest-giver at Echad Dunann. You do not have to complete Vol I to begin Vol II.

See you in game — /joinchannel mallornpath and contact Eadirin or Finnehas


Really missing you all. :\
Likewise, Ethu - come back - i always think of this as Host of the Golden Wood RP
Except we've been gone for many RPs now. xD Call it the 'Mallorn Path' RP. :3 True though, it was based on HotGW's story.

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