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finnehas / Nov 29, 2017

[Thanks to Eadirin, we reach the exciting conclusion of our southern journey, thereafter to bring our report to Imladris! Sunday RPs, 10AM server time, Laurelin]Outside Grimbold's Camp, Finnehas checks the wound sustained during the recent Dunlend...

finnehas / Nov 20, 2017

[Thanks to Eadirin for this RP. 10AM server time on Laurelin :)]The Rohirrim pay the elves little attention but tension is almost palpable throughout the camp of Forthbrond, as if war is about to break out at any time. Fires are aglow and the sold...

finnehas / Oct 30, 2017

[Thanks, Eadirin and Togilbeth, for this RP, which brought us steadily closer to our southern objective! Sundays 10AM server time, Laurelin. Still a thing.]The stars bring a new presence to Galtrev, and Eadirin and Finnehas lose no time on introdu...

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by finnehas on Apr 08, 2016 at 05:14 AM
Brethilimbar is a small community of elves in east Lindon, dwelling in the birch woods of the valley of the Lune. From this haven through the wide lands of Eriador, to Imladris and beyond, the kindred of Brethilimbar defy the servants of the Enemy and keep open the ways that lead to the sea, aiding all who stand against the darkness. We seek to gather elvenfolk of similar inclination to aid in this work, as well as in preserving the tales and songs of the Eldar who take ship into the West.

We are just getting started again as a rank-10 Elvish roleplay kindred looking to support events and roleplay throughout Eriador, as well as mutually help members through questing and crafting. We wish to make a lore-respecting, immersive environment for all players.

Kinship chat is OOC but we hope that you will enjoy interacting with others as your character, at kin gatherings and in public locations in-game. For players interested in the elven tongue, there are links to helpful Sindarin resources, but this is by no means a requirement. Similarly, you will find support for understanding the intricacies of Tolkien’s Elvish races and cultures, but please do not be discouraged if you have no intention of ever picking up The Silmarillion — a spirit of interest and respect for Tolkien's lore is all that's needed.


Read more about Brethilimbar na Lhûn from the old website.